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BMC Beginners

For dancers aged 4-7

This Programme is designed to introduce young dancers to classical technique and to develop strong foundations in their ballet training to carry forward into the Junior Programme.

1 Hour Long Class Per Week

BMC Junior Programme

For dancers in RAD Grade 1 & 2 

This Programme is designed to prepare students for their Royal Academy of Dance examinations whilst developing sound classical technique, musicality and a greater understanding of Classical Ballet.

2 RAD Classes Per Week

BMC Intermediate Programme

For dancers in RAD Grades 3-5 

This Programme is designed to prepare students for their Royal Academy of Dance examinations along with prioritising their progress and skill development as they move through the grades. With the introduction of specialised strength and conditioning classes, open ballet classes to further their technical prowess and modern class to nurture their love of dance.


2 RAD Classes Per Week


Open Ballet Class 


BMC Senior Programme

For dancers in RAD Vocational 

This Programme is designed for dedicated students looking to extend and focus their classical training. In this programme students prepare for their Royal Academy of Dance examinations whilst refining their classical technique and strength. By further intensifying their conditioning programme and open class content, classes are specially catered to students training requirements to maximise their development and progress.

2 RAD Classes Per Week

Pointe Class


Open Ballet Class 


BMC Full-Time Programme

For dancers looking to pursue a career in Classical Ballet

Ages 12-18

This Programme is tailored to meet each individual students technical and artistic goals throughout their pre-professional career. This includes working towards examinations, national and international competitions, scholarships and auditions. Our Full-Time schedule includes Open Ballet (in varying styles and training methods), Pointe, Variations, Contemporary, Choreography and Conditioning to ready them for the demands of a career in Classical Ballet.  

Every class within BMC Coaching's specially tailored programmes are strictly capped to ensure the highest quality of training for each individual student.

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